Stroopfwafels – sirup waffles in English – are a traditional dutch specialty. They were invented in 1784 by a baker in Gouda. It wasn’t long before success spread the waffles throughout entire Netherlands and could not be thought of without them.

Generations of Dutch have licked this scrumptious short waffle pastry with its smooth caramel melting moments off their fingers. Pure pleasure in a handy format –as Classics and Minis. Whether as an alternative to chocolate or biscuits, as a sweet snack or accompanying a fine coffee for a mini breakfast, this waffle is always a tasty delight. Enjoy straight out of the packet or lightly warmed over a hot beverage. Even as a desert with a scoop of vanilla ice over a warmed waffle.

All of this comes with uncompromising quality as guaranteed by IFS Certification. Still manufactured in a traditional confectionary, Hollandet’s Waffles are packaged straight out of the oven and shipped immediately with lasting freshness for up to eight months thanks to our special recipe. But a long shelf life is only theoretical as Hollandet’s Waffles rarely lie around long enough to meet the test.